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How You Can be the Right Person for Hair Transplant

who is the right person for hair transplant

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: January 08, 2022

How You Can Be The Right Person For Hair Transplant

The urge and affection towards having good hair have been running in the world for a very long time but due to the deteriorating factors involving nutrition, environment and improper conditioning, it has become very difficult to maintain healthy hair for a long time.

It has been observed mostly that by the age of 25, men start facing troubles like thinning of hair and hair loss and by the age of 35, issues of partial baldness and damaged hair follicles dominate the situation.

This is the reason why hair transplantation has achieved such a positive response from the contemporary world. Yet, the problem is that the process is not simple and requires multiple factors to be checked before implementing it. It would be very precise to say that not everyone can undergo a hair transplant treatment. Therefore, it is advisable to look out for word of advice from the hair transplant specialists in south Delhi to really get the best results.

Let us have an understanding of how to determine if one can be the right person for the hair transplantation process. Here is a list of factors defined by the best hair doctor in South Delhi to check the feasibility criteria for hair transplantation.

Let’s Find Out Whether You Are The Right Candidate Or Not?

Checklist for determining the eligibility of the hair transplantation process:

Ideal age

The majority of the places that offer hair loss solutions in South Delhi often recommend 25 years to be the minimum age for a hair transplant. This is so because, before 25 years, people go through premature hair loss which is a naturally occurring factor and which will not lead to any bizarre consequences whereas people above the age of 65 tend to lose the thickness of hair and strength. Hence 25 years is considered to be the base age which is considered ideal for a hair transplant.

Type of hair loss

The hair transplantation process also involves considering what is the type of hair loss a person is experiencing. The right kind of hair loss which is best eradicated with this process is pattern baldness. This is common in patients with partially damaged scalps leaving the other part unaffected by the donor’s hair. People suffering from alopecia or damaged hair follicles are not highly preferred because the result of the transplant is not successful in these cases.

Donor area

The amount of area available for the donor’s hair also plays an important role in determining the right candidate for hair transplantation. The right amount of donor area is essentially needed for this process.

Health factors

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves some risk elements if the health of the candidate is not well. A proper and healthy person with a strong immune system has a higher chance of a successful hair transplant.

There are some other factors involved that must be considered such as:

  • People who have lost their hair in accidents like burns or other tragedies are potentially good for hair transplants.

  • Various cosmetic surgeries can be a reason for hair loss, under such cases hair transplant is a good solution.

  • People willing to add to their personality by adding more hair can also undergo hair transplants.

are you right candidate for hair transplant


So, yes hair transplant in delhi is a safe and affirmative process but take all the guidelines seriously. The eligibility criteria should be studied and understood well to get the best yield from the whole process. Hair transplant surgeons in south Delhi have earned a high success rate over the years and it is always a wise decision to get the eligibility checked by these experts before taking the final call.

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