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all about hair transplant in delhi

All About Hair Transplant

Looking for endless ways to grow natural hair? Are you new to Hair Transplants? Have you ever researched Hair Transplant, its techniques, benefits, results, side-effects, consequences, cost etc. !!

If Not, then you are at the right place. Yes, We are here to provide detailed yet crisp information about Hair Transplants.

What Is Hair Transplant?

A Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure through which hair grafts are moved to the bald area from the back or side of the head. If fine hairs are not available on the head, hair grafts can be taken from the other body parts, such as the chest, underarms etc.

In short, Hair Transplant is the implantation of hairs from the donor area (from which follicles are taken) to the recipient area (bald area). An expert plastic surgeon or dermatological surgeon does this procedure, which is performed using local anaesthesia to make it painless.

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What Are The Types Of Hair Transplant?

Now the question arises, how many types of Hair transplants are and which technique is best? Usually, FUE or FUT hair Transplant techniques are known due to their success rate. FUE is more popular due to its prominent features, such as effectiveness, less downtime, less invasive or painless treatment, and no linear scar on the back.

To get an overview of the types of hair transplants, read the link below:-

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What Is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Usually, the male suffers from a pattern of hair loss at 30 years or after. Usually, no medication offers the desired results, and they choose to get the Hair Transplant done to regain naturally growing hair. Hair Fall before age may hamper their personality, due to which they lack self-confidence, and some may even get into depression. There are various ways to cover baldness, such as hair wigs and patches, butt Hair Transplant is the only way to offer long-term results through naturally growing hairs. 

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Grade Of Male Pattern Hair Loss

male pattern baldness grades

Can Women Get The Hair Transplant?

female pattern baldness

Yes, women may also have pattern hair loss like males. Majorly Females may also prefer to get hair transplants done to cover the front bald area of the head. Apart from that, Women's pattern of hair loss can be better understood by the given picture:-


Treating female pattern hair Loss can be challenging as compared to male pattern loss due to various factors such as hormones, genetics, body physics and causes. Initially, PRP can be taken to cover the male-type baldness in female

Why Should You Choose Hair Transplant?

Various methods cover baldness, but some are costly, and some are temporary. For example, hair Wigs and patches are quick solutions. People can easily recognise artificial hairs. Synthetic hair implantation may lead to infection, and it has a life of 5-8 years. So People usually Choose the Hair Transplant Technique followed by PRP Therapy. PRP therapy helps cover low hair density or the baldness of grade 1 or grade 2 type.

A Hair Transplant is beneficial to cover the baldness higher than Grade 3. Out of the various Hair treatments, people usually choose a hair transplant due for the following reasons-

  • Long terms results

  • Natural Growing hairs

  • Low Cost

  • Minimal Invasion

  • Latest Technology

  • Painless treatment

  • No Side-effects

Why Choose Dr Jangid For Hair Transplant Treatments?

It is a surgical process for which you need an expert dermatologist with extensive subject knowledge. Dr Jangid is an Ex-Sr-Dermatologist at AIIMS, New Delhi, with more than 15+ years of experience. Check doctor's complete profile here

Not only Dr Jangid but his staff and technicians are also well expertise in their field.

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Dr Jangid

15 Years Experience


Ex SR Dermatologist AIIMS

3d approach

Inventor 3D approach of Hair Transplant

top dermatologist

Top listed Dermatologist 2017

dermatology researcher

Writer and Researcher

award in dermatology

Gold Medal in MD

Dr. Jangid, MD

Hair Transplant Surgeon In Delhi

Senior Hair Transplant Surgeon Ex-Senior Resident

Dermatologist AIIMS

Dr. Jangid is a world-renowned highly qualified hair transplant surgeon in Delhi with more than 15 years of experience in revolutionary treatments, technology, and research in skin and hair problems. He also holds his expertise in skin surgeries, hair transplant operations, lasers, and anti-aging treatments.

Why Choose Dr Jangid For Hair Transplant Treatments?

Who Can Avail The Hair Transplant Treatments:-

Any male or female can have hair transplant treatments suffering from baldness or severe hair fall. So to avail of the hair transplant, One must have

  • Adequate hairs on the scalp to be implanted from the donor area to the recipient area

  • Minimum 24 years of age and above

  • Stable hair loss where only PRP is not successful

  • Healthy body or disease under control

  • Ability to bear the hair transplant cost

Before undergoing any Hair transplant treatment, the surgeon advises some medical tests and initial investigations. Only After having a safe medical history, Hair transplant can be performed..

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How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Always choose the Best Hair Transplant surgeon after keeping in consideration the below-mentioned points:-

  • Adequate experience in the relevant industry

  • Doctors Qualifications

  • Accessibility to the Doctor (in terms of transportation)

  • Success rates (can be taken from case studies)

  • Patients testimonies In the form of Videos

  • Written reviews on Public Profiles

  • Expertise & Behaviour of the Surgeon

  • Availability of the Latest Technologies

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Doctor’s Involvement in scientific research & publications

  • Overall Reputation in practising locations

Do not compromise your health for the sake of your look. Always prefer a hair transplant surgeon

  • Who is not in a hurry

  • Who asks for medical history

  • Who is a dermatologist or plastic surgeon

  • Who has a higher success rate of surgery

  • Who has extensive knowledge of hair, scalp & surgery

  • Who clarifies all of your doubts

  • Who plans initially and then execute

  • Who can build a friendly and good bond with patients

Surgery occasionally happens as it is not a typical or common hair treatment. Results may take a minimum of 6 months to 1 year, so have a proper follow-up. So while choosing a Hair Transplant surgeon, do your initial research, talk to your doctor again and again and choose your hair partner wisely.

Plan A Hair Transplant Surgery

It happens once in a lifetime, so it needs proper planning. So a Hair Transplant Surgery has to go through the 3 Time Durations:-

  • Pre-operative Process

  • During Surgery

  • Postoperative process.

Pre-Operative Process:-

  • Take a Break of 5-7 days before surgery.

  • Doctors may recommend some tests or investigations, which are advisable to get done.

  • Based on the baldness grade, Scalp hair density and medical reports, the doctor will assess the number of grafts to be implanted.

  • Based on the grafts & surgery duration, the cost will be decided

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During Surgery Process:-

  • Undoubtedly, it is the most important day, so the patient is always advised to stay calm and stress-free.

  • The doctor will create the hairline based on the hair graft assessment.

  • Surgery is usually performed inside Operation Theatre (OT), which is well-maintained and hygienic.

  • The patient is given local anaesthesia to numb his head or scalp area. This process is done to make the hair transplant painless.

  • His eyes are tied so the patient can be relaxed.

  • Surgery is performed with the help of technicians who assist the doctor with requisite tools, techniques, injections etc.

  • Small holes are made in the bald area with the help of slitting after numbing it.

  • Now donor area or back area is numbed with the help of injections to harvest the hair grafts.

  • Grafted hairs are then implanted in the recipient area.

  • The process usually takes 6-7 hours under complete monitoring and safety measurements. Surgery time, days or duration depends on the number of grafts implanted. Usually, surgery is done within a day only, but in some cases, surgery may take 1-2 days too.

  • Once the surgery is done, the doctor may use a dressing to cover the scalp area completely to protect it from infection and for a speedy recovery.

Post Operative Process

  • Just after the surgery, the patients can go home or take rest.

  • The doctor may ask them to visit after 2-3 days. The motive is to remove the dressing and review the surgery results

  • Within 10 days, Your scalp skin which becomes dry may recover. It will look like a normal skin

  • Within 4 weeks, you will witness hair fall.

  • After 3 months, you will see the growth of new hair or follicles

  • Within 6 months, You will see 50% hair growth covering your maximum bald area.

  • And for the best results, wait for 1 year.

What Patients Say About Dr Jangid After Hair Transplant Surgery?

WhatsApp at +91 +9999118381 at your suitable time and convenience mode. We are always glad to serve you with your queries.



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