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hair transplant clinic in delhi
Team SkinQure Hair Transplant

Welcome to SkinQure

Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

SkinQure is a centre for excellence for providing the best hair and skin treatments.

Being a leading Dermatology and hair transplant clinic, we provide patients with skin and hair services at competitive prices in Delhi. We have expertise in medical and cosmetic hair treatments with a wide range of issues based on each patient's skin type, health history, etc. SkinQure has dedicated a specific area for the best hair transplant treatments and their cheerful recovery. We are a goal-oriented organization working towards the betterment of the patients.

We believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, a timely visit to SkinQure's skin and hair transplant clinic in Delhi can make all the difference in your personality. We are focused on satisfaction and reliable solutions. Our team of highly professional and well-qualified doctors provides the best services to our patients. We have many happy and satisfied patients with the most cost-effective treatments. Our unique treatment, the latest technology, and highly skilled services make us outstanding in this industry.

SkinQure is furnished with the latest technology and facilitates high-tech equipment. The clinic offers high-quality and minimal-risk treatments for all skin and hair-related concerns.

All About Hair Transplant and Ex-AIIMS Sr. Surgeon Dr. Jangid

Want to know what exactly happens during a hair transplant? It is a surgical technique involving the removal of hair follicles from one area of the body for transplantation to areas experiencing hair loss. 


SkinQure specializes in this transformative procedure, offering hope and rejuvenation to individuals seeking to regain confidence and a youthful appearance. And, the person who is responsible for this amazing transformation is none other than Dr. Jangid, a renowned dermatologist and Sr. hair transplant surgeon in Delhi NCR,. He leads SkinQure with 15+ years of experience and remarkable expertise in hair restoration techniques.

Why Choose SkinQure for Hair Transplant Procedure?

They Use Advanced Techniques

SkinQure is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring patients receive the most effective and efficient hair transplant procedures. Employing advanced techniques like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), SkinQure delivers exceptional results with minimal scarring and faster recovery.

Professional Therapists and Supportive Staff

At SkinQure, a team of expert doctors and therapists with years of experience in hair transplant and dermatology ensures high standards of treatment, patient care, and hygiene. Our patient-friendly environment helps alleviate anxiety and ensures a comfortable experience throughout the treatment journey.

The Hair Transplant Process at SkinQure

Donor Area Trimming: Hair in the donor area is trimmed prior to surgery.

Pre-Surgery procedures: Local anesthesia is administered for a pain-free experience.

Tissue Removal and Graft Preparation: Bald-resistant hair follicles are surgically removed and prepared for transplantation.

Incisions and Graft Placement: Tiny incisions are made in balding areas to accommodate follicular unit grafts, strategically placed for natural-looking results.

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Our Testimonials

Saket Mani

Great Experience at SkinQure. All staffs are very professional, I had my 2nd transplant in this hair clinic and I am very much happy and satisfied with the results though it's already 3 months but the results are outstanding. My hairline was recreated, crown was fixed.Dr. Jangid personally takes the pain of their patients and do the regular follow ups. We all need a doctor like him, super cool and super smart🤓...You will meet Mr. Sarwar here in the clinic he is a true gentleman and will guide you for any treatment you want to take here.Must vist clinic in Delhi NCR.If you are looking for hair transplant, this clinic is budget friendly and quality and hygeine is outstanding.
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