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GFC Therapy For Hair Growth

GFC Treatment For Hair Fall

Growth factor concentration theory, or GFC hair treatment in Delhi, is a new way discovered by experts to treat balding and hair fall. It uses the patient's own blood to attain positive results in hair fall treatment. Different hair experts in the capital city consider it to be one of the best hair loss solutions in Delhi.

GFC is prepared using patient’sblood asits vital components help in stimulating the hair follicles. The blood consists of platelets that produce many growth factors that can be used to revitalise the lost strength in our hair. A hair specialist extracts the growth factors from the blood and injects them into the scalp, leading to hair regeneration.

How Does It Work?

GFC therapy is used to treat hair fall in both men and women. In this therapy, the GFC is injected into a patient's scalp to enable hair regrowth.

The GFC is made up of the patient's own blood without any contamination containing optimal concentration of platelets and growth factors.

To prepare GFC, 16ml of patient’s blood is used. The preparation time is approximately 40 minutes.

After Three Sessions, You Will See The Following Results:

  • Reduced Hair loss

  • Better hair thickness

  • Increased hair volume

How To Use GFC Therapy?

GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) therapy is a cutting-edge method for enhancing hair growth. Administered through a simple and minimally invasive procedure, GFC therapy involves extracting and applying growth factors from the patient's own blood. A skilled practitioner like Dr. Jangid will guide you through a seamless process, ensuring optimal application for effective results.

What Are The Advantages Of GFC After A Hair Transplant?

GFC treatment offers many benefits after hair transplantation. Concentrated growth factors promote rapid healing, reduce inflammation and stimulate good hair follicle activity. That accelerates the overall recovery process and improves hair transplant results, ensuring more natural, denser hair growth. Discover the transformative benefits of GFC treatment with expert guidance from experts like Dr. Janid who put long-term well-being and patient satisfaction first.


Why Choose Dr. Jangid's Clinic For Hair GFC Hair Treatment In Delhi?

When seeking GFC treatment for hair issues in Delhi, Dr. Jangid's clinic is the top choice. With a reputation for excellence in dermatology and a specialized focus on GFC therapy, Dr. Jangid combines expertise with state-of-the-art technology. Choose our clinic for personalized care, advanced techniques, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled results. Take the first step towards a fuller, healthier head of hair by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Jangid today.

Schedule your GFC therapy consultation with Dr. Jangid's clinic and embark on a journey to revitalized hair health.


Concentrated growth factor (CGF) is a form of platelet concentrate (PC) that was debuted by Sacco11 and concentrates higher levels of growth factors because of its varying programmed centrifugation process.12–15 Chen and Jiang reported that alternate centrifugated switching between acceleration and deceleration could provide more opportunities for collisions with the centrifuge tubes, which leads to more platelet rupture and growth factor release. 16 As CGF was produced by alternate centrifugation, CGF contains abundant autologous growth factors that can promote cell proliferation, migration, osteogenic differentiation, and angiogenic properties in wound healing and bone regeneration.

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