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Hair Transplant BY Dr. Jangid

Patient's First Visit

Age - 31 Years

Gender - Male

Problem - Hair Loss

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hair transplant case study delhi

Doctor Examination & Planning

  • Donor Area Quality - Very Good ( Density , Hair thickness , Scalp was Normal)

  • Planned Area - Front and Middle

  • Planned Maximum Density- 35-40 Grafts/cm2on front area, gradual tapered

  • Technique -EnRiched-FUETM

  • Supportive Rx Plan - Topical medication + GFC ( Once in a month)

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hair transplant case study delhi

After Few Month Result

  • Here is 1 month hair transplant result

  • Post operation complication - No complication noticed, Mild swelling for 2-3 days,

  • Post operation hair care by Patient – Excellent, Regular for follow up and medicines

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hair transplant case study delhi

Hairline design

  • Total Graft -3150

  • Hairline single grafts ( Transition zone) - 430 Grafts (95-100%Hairlinewith single grafts)

  • Hair Loss Grade - Norwood Grade-4

  • Total Time Taken - 6 hours OT time

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hair transplant case study delhi

Final Result:

After 8 months, will further improve in 3-4 months

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hair transplant case study delhi
hair transplant case study delhi

Doctor's Note

A classical case of grade-4 hair loss. Small round face, easy to execute. Good hair quality again gives good result, hair line was made age appropriate was looking good on face. Growth is satisfactory, hope will improve further with time in 3-4 months, Will be updated once revisit/ allowed. Thanks

Patient Testimonials

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