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Hair Transplant BY Dr. Jangid

Patient's First Visit

Age - 35 Years

Gender - Male

Problem - Hair Loss

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hair transplant case study delhi

Doctor Examination & Planning

  • Donor Area Quality - Very Good ( Density – POOR , Hair thickness – NOT VERY GOOD, Scalp was Normal)

  • Planned Area - Front and Middle, Crown

  • Planned Maximum Density- 35-40 Grafts/cm2 on front area, gradual tapered

  • Technique -EnRiched-FUETM

  • Supportive Rx Plan - Topical medication + PRPs ( Once in a month)

case study
case study


hair transplant case study delhi

After Few Month Result

  • Here is 3 month hair transplant result

  • Post operation complication - - No complication noticed, Mild swelling for 2-3 days

  • Post operation hair care by Patient – Excellent, Regular for follow up and medicines

case study
case syudy


hair transplant case study delhi

Hairline design

  • Total Graft -3780

  • Hairline single grafts ( Transition zone) - 320 Grafts (95-100% Hairline with single grafts)

  • Hair Loss Grade - Norwood Grade-5

  • Total Time Taken - 7 hours OT time

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hair transplant case study delhi

Final Result:

After 8 months, will further improve in 3-4 months

case study hair transplant


hair transplant case study delhi
hair transplant case study delhi

Doctor's Note

Classical Grade -V alopecia, Density and quality of donor area was not very good. Decent result as expected

Patient Testimonails

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