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How Much The Hair Transplant Procedure Cost?

hair transpalnt cost in delhi

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: August 23, 2022

When it comes to methods that can once again make you feel young and more beautiful, Hair Transplant is the trend. The evolving technology has gifted humans one way to deal with the problem of hair loss and baldness which once was considered an irreversible loss. Further in this blog, we will figure out hair transplant cost in Delhi, factors affecting hair transplant costs, and points to be considered while choosing the best surgeon for the procedure.

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

Now, let us simplify the most important question - What will this hair transplant procedure cost? The cost of a hair transplant in Delhi can range from 50,000 to 500,000 INR, depending on various factors. Determining factors such as clinic quality and surgeon expertise are crucial when considering a hair transplant. When it comes to cities like Delhi, the cost of a hair transplant is a variable dictated by multiple factors. FUE and FUT, being the most sought-after procedures, come with different price tags. Please refer to this table if you are searching for Hair Transplant Cost at SkinQure:-

Cost/Graft  Chennai
(18% GST extra )
Cost/Graft Delhi
(18% GST  extra )
(till 1 year)
Premium HT

75 Beard/Chest -80

45 Beard/Chest -50

Dr Jangid involvement → 100% Dr Jangid Supervision - 100%



6 Dr Jangid


Exclusive HT

55 Beard/Chest -60

35 Beard/Chest -40

Hairline design + LA+ Slitting → Dr Jangid Extraction + Implantation - Other Drs and Team Dr Jangid Supervision - 100%



6 Dr Jangid


Regular HT


25 Beard/Chest -30

Hairline Design → Dr Jangid Slitting Extraction+ Implantation - Other Dr. and Team Dr Jangid Supervision - 100%



3 Dr Jangid


Also Note:
  • Hair Transplant Surgery Cost Increases 10% annually

  • Technique - EnRiChed-FUE ™    Enriched by Growth factors with  Realtime implantation &  Careful handling of grafts till end  -FUE

  • The minimum cost of a hair transplant will be 49,000 including 10% GST for up to 1500 Grafts for an Exclusive package for hairline correction/ touch-ups. 

  • Cost of Eyebrow hair transplant - 35,000 including GST 

  • The cost varies because of the doctor fee. The quality, Intra-operative care, instruments, post-hair transpant care and  result will be the same in all packages.

  • Extra charges will be added as per graft cost.

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Factors Impacting Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

The intricacies of a patient's condition shape the overall cost of the procedure. Factors influencing cost include:

factors hair transplant cost in delhi

Degree of Baldness

The severity of hair loss directly correlates with the number of grafts needed, affecting the overall cost.

Donor Grafts Availability

The availability and quality of donor grafts significantly impact cost, as sourcing grafts from other body parts incurs additional time and expenses.

Procedure Type

Different transplant methods, such as FUE, FUT, and DHT, come with distinct pricing structures based on their complexity and efficacy.

Surgeon's Expertise

A seasoned surgeon commands higher fees, reflecting their skill and track record, which is vital for successful outcomes.

Clinic Location and Reputation

Prime location and reputable clinics often charge more due to superior facilities and services.

Exploring cost variations & Why you shouldn't go for low price clinics: Insights from an Industry Expert

Delving deeper into the perplexing world of hair transplant costs, insights from a seasoned expert Dr. B.L Jangid, shed light on the matter:

Running Clinic Costs

Operational expenses, including infrastructure and staffing, impact overall costs. A well-equipped clinic with trained staff ensures quality but contributes to higher expenses.

Cost Variations and Cost Cutting

Factors like clinic size and unnecessary amenities can inflate costs. Opting for clinics with regular hair transplant procedures ensures better value.

Instruments and Consumables

The quality of instruments and consumables used influences costs. Cutting corners here can compromise results.

Surgeon's Fee

Experienced surgeons command higher fees due to their expertise and dedication to patient care.

Selecting the Right Clinic for the treatment is Necessary

When considering hair transplant options, it's crucial not to prioritize cost over quality. Opting for low cost clinics or surgeons may lead to sub-standard results and potential complications. Instead, prioritize reputable clinics with experienced surgeons for the best outcomes and patient satisfaction. Investing in quality ensures long-term success and peace of mind. Read some tips for selecting the right clinic:

Quality Over Cost

Focus on clinics with a track record of successful outcomes, even if it means higher costs.

Evaluate Infrastructure

Assess clinic facilities and cleanliness standards to ensure safety and satisfaction.

Doctor's Expertise

Choose a surgeon with extensive experience and specialized training in hair restoration.

Establish a Relationship with your Surgeon

Build rapport with your doctor for personalized care and trust.

Final thoughts before you make a decision

We hope you are convinced that quality matters more than the cost.  By understanding the factors influencing pricing and prioritizing expertise and safety, individuals can embark on their hair restoration journey confidently. Remember, investing in a reputable clinic and experienced surgeon is an investment in long-term satisfaction and well-being. Ultimately, the goal is not just a transformation in appearance but also a boost in self-confidence and quality of life. Have more queries, Visit or call us at +91-9999118381 |

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