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What Is Diffused Hair Loss & Its Common Signs

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: January 18, 2022

Hair loss comes in various forms, from receding hairline to bald patches, it can even be developed near the crown of the scalp as well. Diffuse thinning is considered one of the most common forms of hair loss. It is not like other hair loss; you might see the entire head of hair a “see-through” appearance.

What Is Diffuse Thinning?

Diffuse hair loss is a form of hair loss that usually starts to develop as a bald spot on the crown or receding hairline. This can have a noticeable effect on the appearance of your hair and even the quality of your life.

What Are The Common Signs Of Diffuse Thinning?

This is just like other hair loss, where diffuse thinning can appear suddenly or even develop over course of several months.

You may notice various warning signs and symptoms:

  • Reduced hair density

One of the most obvious signs of hair loss is hair thinning. You must know that your hair looks less dense than normal.

  • Easily visible scalp

As the density of the hair decreases, the scalp may be easier to see. These signs are visible, if the hair is wet, or when the scalp is noticed under the light.

  • Excessive hair shedding

It is quite normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs every day as a result of the normal hair cycle. However, if you are facing the diffuse thinning issues, you might lose more than this hair on daily basis.

What Are The Causes Of Diffuse Hair Thinning?

The most common cause of diffuse hair thinning is telogen effluvium. It develops when a large number of hairs prematurely enter the telogen or the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. Although the main reason is telogen effluvium, it isn’t the only cause. Other potential causes of diffuse thinning are male pattern baldness in south delhi, alopecia areata, diffuse alopecia areata, anagen effluvium.

How Can You Treat Diffuse Thinning?

Depending upon the cause of the diffuse hair thinning, it may affect the entire scalp or as a pattern of hair loss with thinning caused in specific areas. Most of the time certain hair loss treatments such as minoxidil and finasteride can also stop hair loss from thinning.

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