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Best EnRiched-FUE Hair Transplant In Delhi

EnRiched-FUETM is a highly advanced and sophisticated technique for performing FUE hair transplants. Unlike traditional FUE hair transplants, the extracted follicles are instantly implanted in EnRiched-FUETM . It prevents a significant amount of follicle damage and increases graft survivability.



It's EnRiched with growth factors with Realtime Implementation & Careful Handling of grafts till the EnD!


EnRiched With Growth Factors :

EnRiched growth factors are crucial elements in the success of hair transplant surgery. Growth factors are proteins that are important in promoting tissue repair and regeneration. By enriching grafts with growth factors, medical professionals can accelerate healing and improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of growth factors during hair transplant

  • Growth factors induce hair growth for planted and existing hairs; these make skin fertile for regrowth.

  • The healing process will be enhanced

  • The graft survivability will increase, -> giving a better surgical outcome

Real-time Implantation :

The real-time implementation of grafts means the grafts are placed just after the extraction, which means the 'out of body' time is minimal.

Benefits of Real-time Implantation

  • Less 'out of body' time -> No nutritional (Glucose and oxygen) supply will hamper -> Minimal death of grafts means more survival.

  • No thermal damage of grafts -> No cold or hot environment -> No cold to thermal injury of grafts

Careful Handling Of Grafts Throughout The Process

It means we never touch the roots of grafts throughout the procedure. It is also essential, as it can impact the viability and success of the procedure. Grafts proper handling techniques must be used during the placement and integration of the grafts.

  • Holding the grafts from hair, not from roots

  • Gliding method for implantation, not pushing forcefully.

By incorporating EnRiched growth factors and careful handling of grafts, medical professionals can provide their patients with the best possible outcomes and improve the overall success rates of their procedures.

Benefits Of The Technique:

  • Saves time with a quicker procedure

  • Ensures almost 100% results with minimal graft death due to improved storage conditions.

  • Speeds up the recovery process, delivering results 3-4 months faster than traditional FUE or Strip Hair Transplant.

  • Reduces the risk of hair shedding after transplantation

  • Utilizes an innovative Feather Touch technique to prevent follicular hair damage

  • Ensuring almost no visible scars post-transplantation.

Pre-Procedure Treatment

Two Weeks Before EnRiched-FUE TM

  • Patients should confirm their appointment with our experts and undergo various laboratory tests.

  • Inform our experts of medications you currently take, including blood thinners or broad beta-blockers.

  • Please schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss any ongoing medical conditions.

One Week Before treatment

  • Let our experts know if you take other prescription medicines, including heart and blood pressure medications.

  • Cigarettes contain nicotine that constricts blood vessels while decreasing the blood flow to the scalp.

Three Days Before treatment

Stop consuming alcoholic beverages, which can result in adverse reactions and side effects.

The Day of Treatment

  • Wash your hair properly with a shampoo. Do not use any gel, sprays, or other hair styling products.

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Clothing that needs to be pulled over the head may damage the grafts immediately after the surgery.

  • The surgery uses sedatives and medications that can make you feel drowsy. We advise you to arrange post-op transportation.

Details Of The Procedure

The latest EnRiched-FUE TM technique is an advanced and precise method for a hair transplant that offers relatively painless extraction of hair follicles from the permanent zone. The technique involves obtaining hair follicles from the donor area, such as the rear portion of the scalp or beard, and strategically implanting them on bald areas using the latest and advanced punch technique. Unlike conventional FUE or strip hair transplant techniques, no follicles are stored in this technique.

Automated machinery and instruments are used to obtain follicular hair units one by one, immediately implanted in the bald areas. Before implantation, growth factor therapy is given to increase the survival of grafts. The EnRiched-FUE TM technique ensures minimal storage time, significantly reducing graft death risk.

The EnRiched-FUE TM technique ensures that the follicle is not crushed at the root or bulge area, ensuring the survival and quality of the graft. The transection rate in this technique is consistently below 2%, and in some cases, it is even less than 1%.


EnRiched-FUETM is a highly advanced and sophisticated technique for performing FUE hair transplants. Unlike traditional FUE hair transplants, the extracted follicles are instantly implanted in EnRiched-FUETM . This prevents a significant amount of hair loss. Studies have indicated that every hour a hair follicle spends outside the body loses 2% of its volume.

Implanters are not used in EnRiched-FUE TM because they necessitate an additional step of loading the follicle into the implant, which may cause injury and increase the amount of time the follicle remains outside the body, thereby affecting the outcome. Furthermore, when implanters are used, the slits are typically more significant than the graft, resulting in more trauma to the recipient site. To minimize tissue damage, EnRiched-FUE employs ultra-sharp punches.

The pre-slit technique is employed in EnRiched-FUE TM to ensure the grafts' appropriate density, angle, and orientation. Additionally, it prevents grafts from popping out during implantation.

Donor Area:

At our clinic, the safety of the donor area is of utmost importance in the EnRiched-FUETM technique, just as much as achieving desirable results in the recipient area. We do not overharvest the donor area during the graft extraction process.

It helps to reduce the appearance of patches, especially when the patient keeps short hair. However, it's important to note that keeping a buzz cut may only be possible in the present (especially for surgeries involving more than 2500 grafts) as there will be a density mismatch between the donor zone and the surrounding areas.

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