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FUE Hair Transplant In Delhi | FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Taking good care of skin and hair at growing age is essential in today's hectic life. People facing major hair loss issues usually look for hair transplantation procedures. Follicular Unit Extraction is an approach used in surgical hair transplantation, and it offers significant benefits over the strip method used in Follicular Unit Transplantation.

FUE hair transplant delhi

What Is FUE Hair Transplant Treatment?

Follicular Unit Extraction, one of the most effective procedures for hair transplantation, makes the hair look thicker and fuller.

In this method, individual hair follicles are taken out of your skin and implanted somewhere on the body. It was used to replace the classic follicular unit transplantation technique. This procedure involves using an entire piece of the scalp along with the follicles and then transplantation on the target area. FUE is preferred over FUT since it doesn't give a hair plug look. The right candidate for this procedure is someone with thinning or balding problems but still has enough hair to use for hair transplantation.

What Is The Procedure Of FUE Hair Transplant Treatment?

A patient must ask the surgeon while counselling regarding the techniques and procedures to be followed during surgery

FUE hair transplant procedure

 Here is the working of the FUE procedure: 

  1. The hair in the area where follicles will be removed must be shaved down by the surgeon.

  2. A micro punch tool will remove the follicles from the skin.

  3. The doctor will make tiny incisions using a needle or some other sharp tool where the extracted follicle will be inserted

  4. The follicles are then inserted into incisions.

  5. The final step is cleaning the area and carefully bandaging for recovery.

 What Is FUE Hair Transplant Treatment? 

FUE Hair transplant treatment

Hairline Design: First and most crucial step, Dr Jangid designs natural and age-appropriate hair lines for clients. It takes 15-30 min.

Hair Trimming and Patient preparation for OT: After the hairline design, we trim the hair and prepare for operation theatre. Check BP, pulse, and general condition, making you comfortable for surgery. We clean the scalp with Betadine solutions and apply creams if required. After checking everything, we transfer the patient to OT.

Slit preparation: After shifting in OT, the patient lies in a supine position ( on the back), slowly gives local anesthesia to the recipient area ( front area), and makes small slits.

Graft extraction: After local anaesthesia in the donor area, we extract grafts from the back area. A punched motor is used to take the grafts one by one.

Implantation: These grafts are implanted in the front area.

Dressing and medication: Dressing is done, and the doctor explains post-procedure instructions.

Review: after two days for the first dressing and two weeks for 1st therapy, every month visit for six months.

What Are The Advantages Of FUE Hair Transplant?

Undetectable Scarring

The FUE treatment doesn't involve linear scarring like in FUT, and the scarring is brutal even to conceal. However, some scarring is inevitable with either of the techniques. Patients undergoing FUE treatment can expect circular scars throughout the donor area. They are hard to detect with short hair and a shaved head, and it is because the follicle units extracted are with punch blades less than 1 mm in diameter. As a result, the potential for noticeable scarring is drastically reduced, resulting in highly natural-looking hair.

In short, One apparent advantage of this technique is that it does not leave a big scar on the donor area. Another advantage of this method is that it is much less invasive than other procedures. Typically patients can resume strenuous activity shortly after their operation, and healing transpires quickly. FUE Hair Transplant procedures are safe, effective, and minimally invasive. They produce natural-looking and long-lasting results, and the surgeon can choose hair follicles from different donor areas apart from the scalp. One of the best things about FUE procedures is an exceptional graft survival rate that ensures healthy and robust grafts are not lost in the extraction and implantation processes. Moreover, the surgeon makes small holes to implant hair grafts, meaning FUE patients don't have to experience a prominent linear scar like FUT patients. The average healing times of the donor and recipient areas are seven days and 10-15 days, respectively, which means FUE patients recover more quickly than FUT patients.

What Are The Risks Or Side Effects Of FUE Hair Transplant?

There will be no scars from an FUE hair transplant apart from tiny dots where the follicles are removed. Even they may fade over some time.If you see any of these side effects, you need to seek medical attention:

Risk in FUE hair transplant
  • Any drainage or crust at the surgery site.

  • Pain or swelling at or around the area of surgery.

  • Folliculitis

  • Bleeding in the surgery area.

  • Numbness in the surgery site.

  • Balding or thinning takes place even after the surgery.

What Are Post-Surgery Care Tips For FUE Hair Transplant?

The recovery pattern of FUE usually is quick. You may face some discomfort or swelling for around three days.


Here are some aftercare instructions:

  • You must not wash your hair for at least three days.

  • Use doctor-recommended shampoo for a few weeks once you start washing your hair.

  • You should take some time off your work for a speedy recovery.

  • You must not comb or brush your hair for at least three weeks.

During the healing process, you may face some fallouts, which is normal. However, you will notice a remarkable difference after 3-4 months

Why Is FUE Technique So Popular

  • Less invasive surgery than FUT

  • No or Minimal bleeding

  • No Linear scar-like FUT, the Lesser risk that it has with scar formation

  • Healing time is fast – Less downtime.

  • Grafts can be taken from beard or body hairs

Is This A Painful Procedure

FUE hair transplant in Delhi is amid those interventions that offer a high level of patient comfort. A mild level of pain is felt during local anaesthesia injection at the commencement of the operation, and the rest of the hair transplantation surgery after this stage is entirely painless.

Watch the video on "how Dr Jangid reduces the pain during hair transplant surgery"

FUE hair transpalnt cost

How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Delhi?

You may find the different costs in different clinics as the cost of FUE hair Transplant in Delhi depends upon the various factors given:

  • Number of the Hair Grafts to be Transplanted

  • Degree of the Scalp Baldness

  • Skills & Expertise of the Surgeon & Supporting staff

The higher the bald area, the higher the number of implanted grafts and the higher the cost. Usually, per graft costs starts from Rs 40 and may vary according to the technique involved and the experience of the hair transplant surgeon. It's a surgical process and one-time hair treatment, so choosing the Fue Hair Transplant Clinic wisely becomes essential. At SkinQure Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, Dr Jangid analyses the patients' bald area, evaluates the medical history, and then provides the proper consultation. The doctor must check the availability of hair grafts from the donor area, as the grafts will be extracted and implanted on the recipient site. At SkinQure, we offer the Best FUE Hair Transplant at Competitive Cost in Delhi.​

Why Choose SkinQure Hair Transplant Clinic?

State-of-the-art infrastructure, the latest techniques and consultation through AIIMS surgeons are the critical factors in choosing SkinQure as the best FUE hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. Tailor-made solutions lead to #RealResultsRealPeople, which can be evaluated through real-time video testimonials.

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