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What Is The Hair Transplant Timeline

hair transpalnt timeline

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: January 22, 2022

A hair transplant is surely an effective way to tackle hair loss or gain more dense hairs but the surgical process is not instant and the results are not spontaneous. You need to have a good understanding of the time duration of different steps and how much expected time the transplant is going to show expected results.

It is also important to understand the hair transplant timeline because it can work as a factor to determine if the whole process was carried out effectively and whether is it yielding successful results. The best hair transplant in Delhi gives a clear understanding of the expected outcomes and the approximate time for the changes to occur.

Here are some important things you can know about the whole timeline of a hair transplant process. Although it can vary differently depending on the case and situation of the patient yet it is a fair approximation of what can be expected in how much time.

The first two weeks

During this time you are expected to feel some pain, soreness and swelling because of the surgical procedure. The soreness generally takes 3-4 days to fade away after the surgery. Swelling will take a longer time to heal which will probably be around a week. The look of the transplanted hair meanwhile will be close to a subtle beard. During week two the shedding of the transplanted hair starts to happen which is not an alarming concern at all.

Week three

By the completion of the third week, the transplanted hair will be completely shed. The grafts will be fairly healthy and new hair will start to grow in place of the shaded transplanted hair.

Week Four

By this time the hair will start to look back to normal again. Now you can even colour or style your hair by your choice which will not harm the transplanted hair.

Second to Fifth Month

In this duration, you can start expecting new hair although in the beginning phase the hairs will be quite thin.

Six to nine-month

By this time you will be able to notice a good volume of hair over the treated area. Although in some cases the hair can still be thin the coverage grows to a greater extent by this time.

Year One

By the completion of one year, you can really feel a difference since more than 80% of the new hair would have emerged. The texture and thickness can still lag in what you expected but that also gets accomplished by the end of the second year.


This is what you can expect or approximate roughly after the hair transplant surgery. Do not panic if everything does not go as described, different cases can take different times. Hair transplant surgeons in Delhi offer every help during and after the transplant process so that the client can understand the expected result in the appropriate time.

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