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What Is Non-Scarring Hair Loss? Its Causes, Symptoms & Treatments.

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Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: March 16, 2023

Hair loss has a significant impact on some patients. Patients may face focal patches of hair loss or more diffuse hair loss; this might lead to hair thinning or high hair shedding. Non-scarring alopecia is also known as noncicatricial alopecia. It is a type of hair loss that takes place without any scarring being present. Very little inflammation and irritation take home in this type of hair loss, but the hair loss is quite significant.

What Does Nonscarring Hair Loss Mean?

Hair loss without scarring on the scalp is known as nonscarring hair loss, also called non scarring alopecia & non-cicatricial alopecia.

What Are The Causes Of Non-Scarring Hair?

Non-scarring alopecia is one of the most common types of hair loss, called male pattern baldness. It is caused due to the androgen hormones acting upon the hair follicle. If you face this hair loss, visit the SkinQure clinic for the best hair transplantation treatments.

What Does Non-Scarring Hair Loss Look Like?

An alopecia areata is a type that can affect men, women, adults, or even children. This type usually occurs when an oval or round patch is observed in the initial stages. Generally, these hairs grow back without any problem or hair loss.

Can A Lack Of Vitamin D Cause Hair Loss?

hair loss due to vitamin D

Yes, the deficiency and an excess of Vitamin D can cause hair loss.

Why Am I Suddenly Losing So Much Hair?

Hair fall is a significant result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or aging. Heredity hair falls, along with the age factor, are the most common cause of baldness.

What Are The Symptoms Of Non-Scarring Alopecia?

Shedding or thinning of hair over a period of time is an indicator of non-scarring alopecia. The pattern in which the hair is lost is usually round or oval initially.

How Can You Treat Non-Scarring Alopecia?

A different therapeutic regime is proposed for each type of non-scarring alopecia. The hair follicle is generally intact in these types of alopecia. It is possible to regrow hair, but it is tough to achieve.

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