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How Long Does It Take For New Hair To Grow After A Hair Transplant

how does it take to grow new hair after hair transplant

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: January 16, 2023

Expect to wait between 8 and 12 months after surgery for optimal hair growth. However, this timeframe is only applicable in some circumstances. It all depends on the patient's hair type and medical history; hence the therapy varies. This means that renewal times for hair can likewise be quite individual. Your hair surgeon is your best bet for this question and advice on aftercare.

One year after surgery, if you haven't noticed any growth, you should schedule an appointment with your hair surgeon. It's important to remember that shedding some hair following surgery is quite normal and even encouraged since it allows new hair to grow. But if you're experiencing any additional issues, you should immediately see a hair doctor.

Can You Get A Hair Transplant After A Certain Age?

A hair transplant can be performed on anyone, regardless of age. All that's needed is a sufficient amount of donor hair on your head. People in their 50s and 70s both have good results with hair transplant operations. The only thing that needs to be considered is the patient's medical history, which will be used to determine if there will be any problems with the operation.

Hair transplant surgery is performed without regard to age but rather based on the extent of hair loss. Hair transplants in Delhi can treat balding at any stage, but therapy should begin as soon as possible for optimal outcomes.

If you're experiencing hair loss, you should see a hair doctor as soon as possible to receive a proper diagnosis and begin treating the underlying issue.

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