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Do's & Dont's After Hair Transplant

hair transplant after care

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: December 01, 2022

There is a lot of progress made in medical science which has been getting rehearsed in recent times. It has elevated the hair transplant process completely and it will keep getting sounder with time. Along with this, there come a lot of viable things that you must practise after your hair transplant and there are also a lot of undoable things that you should quit doing if you have not already.

The following are some do’s that you should practise post-surgery –

  • Nutritious ingest

You should not take your diet for granted. You should stick to your diet and swear by it as it cannot be skipped. It is a must to consume a wholesome and nutritional diet.

  • Evade touching your scalp

It is highly recommended by doctors that you should avoid running your fingers through your head as it can damage the implantation and the results. You ought to be meticulous about not touching your head and be extremely delicate if it is required to be touched.

  • Bedtime position

It is instructed by doctors that you should sleep in a position where your head is slightly heightened from your body. Basically, your head needs to be above your body level which you can do by adding a single or two pillows beneath your head. This is suggested in order to avoid swelling in your head.

  • Routine care

After your surgery is completed you should have someone to drive you home. You should not drive instantly after your surgery is conducted as it can result in something abrupt. Also, hydrate yourself well earlier to your surgery. It will help in blood circulation which can aid the treatment.

The following are some don’ts that you should quit practising post-surgery –

  • Sleep position

You should avoid sleeping flat on the bed which means your body level and head level should not match. Your head must be lifted and do not rub it against the pillow.

  • Don’t prevent scabs

It is very natural that there will be a crust build or scabs will begin expanding around the surgical area but it doesn’t mean that you should peel it off. Let it cure fully and do not rinse your hair post three days of your surgery.

  • Explicit sunlight

You should try to avert your scalp from direct sunlight. It should not come in contact with the sun for at least two weeks post your surgery. Direct sunlight can yield sunburn which is not suitable for hair transplanted scalp.

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