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Myths & facts for Hair Loss

Myths and facts about hair loss

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: January 22, 2022

Myths & Facts For Hair Loss

There are a lot of myths regarding hair loss that prevail in our society. They are generally spread as rumors or by the people who aren’t aware much about the hair. So, let’s look at these myths and the facts which aren’t aware to many of us.

Can Air-Conditioned Environment Lead To Hair Loss?

No, air-conditioned environment cannot lead to hair loss. It is well known that if a person is living in an air-conditioned environment all the time, it can lead to dry hair. But there is no evidence that such an environment is harmful and creates hair loss.

I Am Losing Hair Daily, Will I Become Bald Some Time?

No, if a person loses around 100 hairs a day on an average, there is no risk of you getting bald. However, if you find the hair loss more than that, you must visit a dermatologist.

I Smoothen And Straighten My Hair Regularly, Should I Be Worried Regarding Hair Fall Issues?

Regular smoothening and straightening can be a bit harmful. However, you won’t face any problem with hair care products but if you face the issue of losing more hair with these products. You must stop using the products and see the results.

If I Massage My Scalp Regularly, I Will Not Face Hair Loss?

It is a well-known fact that blood circulation does not boost hair growth. But if you brush your hair regularly, you might face hair fall.

If I Cut My Hair Regularly, Thick And Healthy Hair Will Grow Back?

Cutting your hair will never lead to hair growth. The hair will be thicker after a haircut since the hair is thicker at the base.

Will I Strip Off The Essential Nutrients If I Wash My Hair Every Day?

If you wash your hair daily with a good shampoo, it will help in the rejuvenation of the hair and will make it healthy and shiny.

Will A Regular Blow-Dry Damage My Hair?

Blow drying can cause certain damage, however, the impact it has on the hair is minimal.

If I Stand On My Head, Will It Cure My Hair Loss?

Standing on your head will not do any good. This will just increase the blood circulation in the scalp area, which will have not affected the hair growth.

If I Am In Sun For A Longer Period Of Time, Will I Face Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs at the follicles level, the hairs act as a shield that protects the roots of the hair from the harmful effects of the sun.

Can Washing My Hair With Cold Water Cure Baldness?

If you wash your hair with cold water, it will help in the increment of blood circulation but it won’t affect the hair growth in any way.

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