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Why Is A Saline Spray Used After Hair Transplant, And How Many Times ?

saline spray

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: Febuary 23, 2023

Suffering from hair loss or Hair thinning issues? Excessive hair loss may be responsible for hair baldness which is called alopecia. Medicine or random hair treatments may not be fruitful, so opting for a Hair Transplant treatment is advisable. A hair transplant is a procedure in which hair grafts are taken from the donor area and implanted in the recipient area (bald). It boosts your overall personality with naturally growing Hair. An expert dermatologist or plastic surgeon performs a hair transplant. People aged 21 to 60 years can avail of hair transplant services.

A Hair Transplant is the most crucial process requiring the utmost post-operative care. Of those postoperative considerations, the saline spray is one of the essential yet most recommended applications for the recipient area.

What Is Saline Spray?

Saline Spray contains a saline solution. Simply put, it is salt water containing .9% salt. The composition is equal to a person's blood and tears, and it is a better irrigating solution used to soothe and moist dry skin.

Why Is It Used After A Hair Transplant?

In routine life, the saline spray is used as a nasal spray. No one can imagine using the saline solution on the scalp or Hair. But it is true. Saline solution is used on the transplanted area after the hair restoration process. The recipient area becomes dry, and saline solution helps to moist the area. It also works as a bridge between blood, scalp skin and grafted hairs. Saline solutions also prevent the recipient area from infection. So, In short, the saline spray helps with:-

  • recovering the follicles faster

  • protects the incisions from the infections

  • Avoids scabbing

  • Moist the scalp skin

  • decrease irritation

When Is Saline Spray To Be Used & How Many Times?

Saline solutions are to be used the next day of the hair transplant. After every 2-3 hours, the saline solution should be sprayed on the recipient area using a spray bottle. If You do not have the spray bottle, you may use the standard saline solution through injection. (Always follow the guidelines given by your health partners). The doctor recommends using the saline solution for 5-7 days after the hair transplant procedure and using it until you no longer need it. Due to different parameters such as health, atmosphere, age, hair type, etc., every person has a recovery process. Some may require the saline solution for 5 - 7 days, or some may need more. Listen to your doctor and your body. Use the shampoo, moisturised or saline solutions provided by your Hair transparent surgeon only.

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Is It Necessary To Use It At Night While Sleeping?

Yes, You need utmost care at night, before or during sleep. Keep your head up during sleeping with the help of extra cushions, and spray the saline solution before sleeping. You need not spray several times at night; you may reuse the saline spray just after you wake up.

If you can't spray the saline solution on your own, you may take the help of your partner or close relative


Hair Transplant is a crucial hair restoration process, so a person needs to follow the healthy lifestyle and guidelines provided by their hair transplant surgeon. Take as much rest as possible, as it heals your body faster. Avoid consuming alcohol, tobacco, driving, and workouts for some days after the hair transplant. Keep your transplant scalp area moist to avoid dryness, itching or irritation. For any confusion, keep in touch with your hair health partner.

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