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What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplant Surgery

hair transplant side effects

Author: Dr. Jangid  |  Date Published: March 15, 2023

Due to technological advancements, a hair transplantation surgery is considered an effective and successful procedure. But, when it comes to defining a successful hair transplant, it depends on each individual. For some patients, it may be lowering the hairline; for others, it may increase the density around the crown area. Therefore, it is suggested to have a detailed discussion with the doctor about the transplant procedure.

Do You Want To Know How Successful Are Hair Transplants?

The grafts' survival rate following a hair transplant procedure is between 90-95%. This means the transplantation from the donor to the recipient area must remain in good condition. When the hair transplantation procedure is assessed, it must be remembered that the final results can take some time to show. The patients also face a shedding phase once the process is done. The procedure was successful. It is a general reaction to the surgery, and the hair will gradually grow.

hair transplant success rate

Factors That Affect The Hair Transplant Success Rates

Here are a few essential factors that affect the success rate:

1. Techniques: A few techniques are used for hair transplantation, and FUE is generally considered the best and minimally invasive. However, this doesn't mean other procedures like DHI and FUT have low success rates.

2. Type Of Hair: The shape, type, and characteristics of your hair may affect the success of the hair restoration process. For people with thick, curly hair, it is evident that good coverage can be done using a small number of grafts transplanted from the donor site. However, patients with thin hair will have successful surgery.

3. Doctor's Credentials And Clinic's Quality: One of the most important factors ensuring a high hair transplant procedure success rate is choosing the right doctor. Apart from the technological advancements, surgery needs to be performed by a highly-qualified, well-trained, and experienced doctor.

4. Postoperative Care: Following the post-operation guidelines may also highly influence the success rate of the hair transplant. Post-treatment care has specific guidelines; this helps patients understand what is expected after the surgery and what may be a concerning factor.

Hair transplantation surgery in Delhi has gone a long way, and the patients' success rate is relatively high. New technologies and improvements are developed regularly that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedure.

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